February Challenge 2014: InstaDaily Challenge

So as I said at the beginning of January I am choosing a new challenge each month this year. January’s challenge was to be Paleo for a month. It kind of failed miserably. Even though all my meals & most snacks were Paleo, I have a severe chocolate addiction which I’m trying very hard to kick but wasn’t so successful over January. I’ll keep trying till I’m successful.

Anyway this month I have chosen to do an InstaDaily challenge. Just piece of this month to help me remember the year that is 2014. I’ll share the pictures on Instagram each day via @emilytravelingdiva with #febinstachallenge & #instadaily and on here weekly. If anyone wants to join in just add the #’s to the photos you want to share

Here’s day one. My first Vanilla Spice Latte