New Year’s Resolutions 2014

Happy New Year To All!

Last year I started this blog to keep track of what was happening here in the UK but was not very good with keeping up with it so one of my goals from 2014 is to post regularly. One of my resolutions is to give myself a challenge each month and to post regularly about how well I am doing with each one. 


Now since I moved to the UK I have gained weight, my skin has gone crazy and I have gotten sick more regularly so my first challenge is one to help my health. I am going on the Paleo diet for the month of January. I first heard about Paleo through my sister and her husband who have been living by it for nearly a year now and they swear by it. When becoming Paleo you cut out sugars, gluten, dairy and processed foods. My main goal is to cut out sugar or more importantly chocolate since the amount I’ve been eating since arriving in the UK has tripled and I’m almost certain is the reason for my weight gain. I intend to change that in 2014 

You can read more details here about Paleo here:

This month I am going to be posting about interesting recipes I have found as well as the challenges that come on being Paleo plus anything else I feel like informing the world about. First post will be this coming Monday

My other resolutions include Become More Disciplined, To Eat Healthier and Participate in a Charity Event, preferably some type of fun run or marathon (this one may not happen but it’s a nice idea)

Until next time….Em xoxo