London Calling

Well Hello London, I have arrived and I’m here to the stay…at least for the next two years anyway.

London is a busy, beautiful & historic area of the world. I can’t wait to explore this amazing city.

On my first day jet lag hit me like a Double Decker bus. I woke up at 4:30am and watched the sun rise from the window of the Egoli Hostel in Fulham


Once the day had started I headed out in my geek chic Superman t-shirt and ruby lips and hit the town. I headed straight for Piccadilly Circus & Leicester Square to purchase my theatre tickets for the evening. Phantom of The Opera of course since it’s the reason the crazy dream of my started.




I found my ticket and then explored the area for the afternoon. I found this fun souvenir store called Cool Britain. Where I purchased a new pen for me & two postcards to send home to the parents & my sister.


Then had some lunch in Leicester Square where the double decker jet lag hit again, this time in the way of tiredness. So I headed back to the hostel to take a break & do a costume change before I headed off to see my favorite show in it’s original home. Her Majesty’s Theatre.

 I even managed to take a sneak shot of the main song as well.


I went a bit too crazy at the souvenir stand too. I got both programs, a new mug to start my collection in the UK and a fake Phantom rose that I plan to decorate my room with once I find a new house.


Unfortunately during the performance my chocolate melted and went all over my program which was a bit annoying but I shouldn’t be surprised since I manage to do stupid things like this all the time. I am the klutziest person you’ll ever meet. Aw well it came off easy enough but I was a bit disappointed that I didn’t get to eat my last bits of Australian chocolate. It just doesn’t taste the same here in the UK, That might sound weird but it’s true.

Anyway that’s my first day in the UK. I’ve been here for a week now so I have much more to tell everybody. Watch this space if you want to keep up to date with my time in London.


Talk soon

Em xx



10 Days to London


Today marks 10 days until I move from my home in Melbourne to London. I am taking one huge step, more like a gigantic leap. I’m moving out of home and to a new country in one go. It’s thrilling and terrifying and every other emotion under the sun. I have been talking about doing this move since I got back from my trip to Europe two years ago but now for some reason I am completely petrified. I am going straight into a catering job that also sets you up with share housing straight away so it’s not like I won’t meet people easily. Then on the 16th September I will start my course so I will meet more people. But for some reason I think I am just scared of being alone. Here I have a whole support system. My parents, my sister, brother and best friend. I talk to my best friend every day. If I ever want to do something I have someone to call or I need to go somewhere I can just jump in my car and go.  It’s a very scary concept and I’m trying to find the excitement I know is there about this trip. There are so many places I want to see, So places I want to live and so many things that I want to do that I just can’t do here. I need to get away and find myself elsewhere. I’m in a box here. My life is boring. I have a dream. This is a step towards that. I know it will be amazing. I think I just need to get out there.  If anyone out there is reading this vent and has experienced anything similar or has any helpful words please leave me a comment

Em xoxo

Elevation @ Emerald

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A few weeks ago my Family and I went up into the hills for a family day out before I head off on my big adventure. We had lunch at Elevation Restaurant in Emerald which has been one of my favorite restaurants since I was 17. The doing good food, amazing desserts and have a beautiful view over the hills. Unfortunately for this day it was overcast and drizzling but I still snapped some pictures anyway






After Lunch we need to walk off all the food we ate, so we headed off to Emerald Lake Park for a slow stroll and a visit to Puffing Billy. We didn’t actually go for a ride but we did have fun taking some pictures of the women of my family. Really I just wanted to show off my new velvet black dress that my Dad found at his op shop. I love it so much, now I just need to tone up my Jelly arms so it looks even better






If you ever get a chance to go up to Emerald be sure to visit the lake, sometimes they have the paddle boats out. Go for a ride of Puffing Billy and visit Elevation for Lunch, Dinner or Afternoon Tea its definitely worth a visit


Em xoxo

Miss Marples Tea Room

Two weeks ago I had a girls day out with my Mum & Sister. We headed up to Sassafrass (don’t you just love the name) which is a tiny little town in the hills filled with adorable little shops and cafes. One of the main cafes is Miss Marples Tea Room. It’s a little place inspired by Agatha Christies character and is filled with Miss Marples memorabilia.


It is quite a busy place which doesn’t take reservations, you just turn up, put your name on the list and wait until a table becomes available. It can sometimes take up to 2 hours, so that’s when you go looking at all the beautiful shops in the town. Luckily for us as we walked in a table for 3 left and we were seated straight away. Even better it was Christmas in July! The whole place was decked out in Christmas decorations including a crackling fire place with stockings, classic Christmas music playing and they had a Christmas in July menu which consisted of Festive Fingers: an open sandwich with sliced turkey breast, cranberry sauce and cheddar cheese and for dessert, Christmas Pudding of course. Mum and I went straight for the Festive Fingers while my sister who is Gluten Intolerant went for the homemade potato and leek soup. Both were extremely delicious.


Then came dessert. Now I don’t like Christmas Pudding. I can hear the gasps from here. I don’t know what it is but it just ain’t for me, instead mum and I shared Devonshire Tea. It comes with 2 extremely large scones with your choice of original or fruit or one of each. We opted for one of each, mum the fruit and me the original and then we slathered them in homemade raspberry jam and cream. So GOOD!!! My sister went for the gluten free option of The Vicars Folly. A gigantic butterscotch sundae with honeycomb piece and caramel fudge. It was sinfully delicious. I would know since mum and I had to help her finish it. 


  Miss Marples is definitely worth the wait if you ever get a chance to go there and it’s so pretty that  you may not even notice the wait. It was so nice getting to spend sometime just us girls and even  better since we sort of got a mini Christmas. It’s going to be a very difficult time of year December,  since my family is obsessed with Christmas and this is the first year I won’t be with my family but on  the positive side, it’s the first time I’ll get a White Christmas. No one can be sad about that.

Em xoxo



Supanova & Sydney Part III

Sunday dawn bright & clear. Not. It was grey and rainy and our heads were pounding slightly from the night before. Even though we went to bed later, we got up earlier due to the fact that the Weasley Twin panel was on at 12:40 which meant having to get breakfast, get to the show grounds, find a car park and line up early for the panel (hello, Weasley twins, everyone was there) all before 12:40. And it was M’s Birthday so breakfast had to be good. However even though we went for brunch at the same place as the morning before we were rather disappointed. It took them 20 minutes to take our order and almost an hour for our food to come after asking after it several times and when it did they didn’t bring the birthday girls pancakes. After waiting another 10 minutes for her breakfast and no one doing anything I complained for her and they came up a said ‘Oh sorry, they were taken to another table would you like these other type pancakes that are ready now?’ They answer was of course no and they then gave us our original two meals free of charge so we just paid for our hot chocolates. Now I’m glad they did that but there service was not good and the food was alright but I’ve definitely had better. So on first look this place is good but look deeper it ain’t that great. So now of course we are running late and the birthday girl has had no breakfast. This would not do, so we hopped down the block to the nearest Gloria jeans to grab something and to the birthday girls excitement they had…Cheese and Ham Toasties. Her whole face brightened and suddenly the day was good again. Who can blame her Ham and Cheese toasties as delicious.

 After the incident we headed straight over to the show grounds for some more geeky fun and made the embarrassing dash from the car park to The Dome in the rain. Luckily I had my new super fantastic, super TARDIS beanie to keep my head warm and dry. Once inside we made a straight line to the back of the auditorium to get in line for the Weasley/Phelps boys. We were about 5-6 rows back from the small platform so we could see them well and boy are they something to see. They are funny and witty and oh so gorgeous. They are seriously ripped. AND look much better brunette than as a red heads.  I think I like James a bit more than Oliver though since he seems he seems to have a bit more of a bad boy vibe going. Which is of course every girls weakness.


The Weasley Twins

After the Weasley boys it was a quick bathroom and food break then a quick stop at the Supanova tent to purchase our Bradley James autographs and headed back over to line up for the Merlin Knight Panel. We got there nice and early, preferring to sit down and wait for a good position than push our way through stalls again, which turned out to be a good things since we were only 4 rows from the front, smack bang in the middle. Then in they came, Bradley James (King Arthur), Rupert Young (Leon), Eion Macken (Gwain) and Tom Hooper (Percival, the one with the really massive arms…need I say more). They were all lovely and charming. Bradley seemed a bit up tight at points, refusing to answer any silly fan girl questions, where as the others just played along. I was actually surprised with how much I enjoyed listening to the other three guys. They were all lovely and answered everyones questions and when your not constantly looking a Bradley or Colin (Merlin) then they are actually quite attractive. I even got to ask a question during the panel and each of them spoke to me. My inner fan girl/acting girl fainted, just passed out right on the floor for all to see. Luckily she is in my head. I asked the questions ‘What was it like going to drama school in the UK and working in the industry over there, since I am about to move there to pursue it’. Their response was to asked me what school I was going to and where it was. Which lead into a very small conversation which ended with Rupert (such a great name and a very attractive man attached to it) telling me to not worry about the industry while in school and just enjoy the ride. Then since he’d been so lovely I decided to get an autograph from him as well so we could chat a bit more. Then I also met Eion when my friend got his autograph and briefly met Bradley, because it was the end of the day we were pushed through rather quickly.


Arthur & His Knights


and I found the TARDIS!!

But after all this we did a quick final trip through the stalls to see if we missed anything and headed out…into the pouring rain. Thank god the show grounds has a small transfer bus, that looks rather like an old Melbourne tram, that goes from the Auditorium to the car park. Otherwise we would have been 3 very drowned rats.

For dinner that night we went to a place that we’d read about in the Time Out magazine called Nonna Maria’s. The column promised free bread and HOMEMADE LEMONADE with any purchase, no pasta above $14 and Sweet potato gnocchi. We were sold from the moment we read free homemade lemonade and we were not disappointed. The food was delicious, I quite gladly ordered the sweet potato gnocchi with pesto sauce, M had spaghetti carbonara and J had pesto penne. They came out in large serves and these 3 tired hungry girls dug in happily. We were silent except of the occasional yum, or wow that came from each mouth full. This place is certainly authentic Italian cuisine and everyone should try it if your ever in the area for dinner. By the time we were finished our fatigue was taking over so we headed back to the hotel for a good nights rest before the long drive home the next day. It certainly was a great weekend and I’m so happy we decided to go. 


Sydney & Supanova: Part 2

Day two was mostly about relaxing and taking our time to enjoy the things we wanted to do. We slept in and headed off to a late brunch in Parramatta. Of course it was raining and freezing so that made walking down Church Street to find a brunch place not so fun. Luckily enough we stumbled upon Coco Cubano. A Espresso, Tapas, Cocktail, Chocolate place. Which also serves ALL DAY BREAKFAST! Score. The only problem with this place is that the have these big windows open that look onto the street but that they keep OPEN, even in the Freezing weather. It was a tad ridiculous and a tad cold but they make their hot chocolates the spanish way. With REAL chocolate, so I shall forgive them. For brunch I had delicious granola with fruit & yogurt which came out in a rather large bowl and looked more like a trifle or sundae than a breakfast food but I ain’t complaining.



From there we headed over to the showground for our first day of SUPANOVA. It truly is amazing. Walking up to the entrance there are lots of people milling around in cosplay. Some are only inspired and some are so incredibly thought out and executed that you actually have to do double take because you think that your favorite character is actually standing next to you. Check out this cosplay from The Forrest Of The Dead – Doctor Who.


Of course from the moment you walk in the door you are surrounded by people and stalls filled with merchandise from every show that you could possibly consider SC-FI and lots of Anime (which isn’t really my thing). Within about 10 minutes I had bought quite a few pieces of Doctor Who merchandise including a sonic screwdriver key-ring, a Tardis beanie and a Keep Calm and Don’t Blink T-shirt. I also found a Superman T-shirt and a I AM SHER-LOCKED Buttons which made me quite happy.



This is a picture of my Geek Chic loot. Apologies for it being side ways but no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t seem to get it to turn. Damn technology

In the afternoon we got to see the The Hobbit panel which included the gorgeous Aidan Turner who plays Kili in the Hobbit and Mitchell in Being Human which I have loved since it’s first season. I mean it’s BBC what do you expect. After that we called it a day and headed back to the hotel to get ready for our night on the town.

We made ourselves all pretty and then headed down to Darling Harbor for the evening. Of course it wasn’t the best evening to be down there since it was raining rather heavily which made me curling my hair pointless since it fell out before we even reached the restaurant. Though it was a very nice restaurant we went to and for the life of me I have no idea what it was called, I can tell you it was Italian had was very,very good. We started of with some cocktails while we waited for our dinner and then dug right it. I went for Spaghetti Bolognese and the girls decided to share a wood-fire pizza which I am told was absolutely wonderful. Then once we were sufficiently stuffed we ordered a dessert to share. Apple & Berry crumble with WHITE CHOCOLATE CUSTARD! That’s right you heard me, White Chocolate Custard. It was truly delicious and I am now searching pinterest for a  recipe to try.

IMG_0941[1] IMG_0942[1]

From there we jumped one store front over to a place called Cargo Bar. It has really nice decor, decently priced drinks and one seriously gorgeous bow-tie wearing bartender. Bow-ties are cool. Though I had to watch from afar since he was too busy to actually talk to him. The only problem with the bar is that the music was not great. It was typical techno music with a mix of top 40. Where as I more like a mix of retro and top 40. Techno is ok but I’d pass if asked. The one redeeming feature of the music was they had a live saxophone player wandering about the place jamming along with the music. How cool is that. I think all bars should do this, it was so much fun.


Much later in the evening…ok it was more like the early hours of the morning 3 tipsy girls stumbled back to the hostel in fits of giggles and crashed. It was a great end to the day. Though it did not make it easy to get up the next morning for more Supanova. I’ll fill you in on our Sunday adventures soon.

Until next time

Em xoxo


Sydney & Supanova: Part 1

This past weekend me and my two good friends J and M road tripped up to Sydney for the weekend to visit Supanova. Which is, if you don’t know, a big nerdy convention. We had decided to go specifically for actor Bradley James from BBC Merlin. Then on top of that we also got to see the Dwarfs from the Hobbit, The Weasley twins and a few other gorgeous Knights from Merlin. Over the next few days I’m going to fill you in on the happenings of each day.

We started off on our road trip nice an early, which is not an odd thing to me being that I get up for an early shift at 5:30. As the girls fell asleep in the back of my little blue corolla, Lola, I made my way through the city and watched the sun come up over the Westgate bridge, then headed out of the city onto the freeway for a straight run to SydneyImage

We stopped for Macca’s breakfast at the start of the freeway, Bacon & Egg McMuffins anyone, then continued along to the small town of Beechworth for our midday stop. We had lunch at the famous Beechworth Bakery where we found this sign and visited their old fashioned Lolly store which resulted in us reverting to our childhood and buying nerds, eucalyptus lollies and chocolate covered popcorn. Yum. 



From this point on it was a straight drive up to Sydney with a few stops to change drivers, as after 2 hours or so the eyes tend to get a bit weary. We chatted, read magazines and listened to albums such as the Wicked Soundtrack and Tripod: Fegh Meha


We reached our hotel in Parramatta around 8pm, tired and cramped but happy to have arrived safely. We spent the night in the room, ordered in pizza and watched Pitch Perfect on demand. Not a bad evening if I do say so myself. We crashed early after that and drifted off into peaceful oblivion. Next time I’ll fill you in on our Saturday adventures which included dwarfs, nerdy shopping and a couple cocktails

Until next time xoxo


Hi Guys,

Welcome to my blog. Obsessions of A Travelling Diva is my way for documenting my travels. The main one being my big move to London from Melbourne, Australia to study Musical Theater. It’s exciting and terrifying all in one go. This is where I will hopefully be able to keep everyone back home up to date on what is going on. So I will be posting about things around Melbourne up until I leave and then about all things London and AMTA (The American Musical Theatre Academy, London).

One of the girls I will be going to Uni with posted this photo last night and I thought I would share it because it sums up exactly how I’m feeling at the moment