Aussie Girls, Red Velvet & Hot Chocolate

Last Friday I had a coffee date with fellow Australian AMTA girl Mez. This is the amazing chick who let me crash on her couch for two night during the first few weeks of my stay in London because I had no where else to go and I’d only officially met her twice. That’s a sign of someone you want to be good friends with. Though from the first time she came to visit Melbourne we were fast friends


Since we are in different classes we don’t get to see each other very often so we spent our Friday afternoon chatting about our first term at AMTA, eating red velvet cake and drink deliciously strong Hot Chocolates at the independent coffee house Shoreditch Grind.


 They have a very strong focus on the quality of their coffee during the day and turn into a funky cocktail bar at night. Next time I go there I’m going for cocktails and cake instead. Two of my favorite things on a Friday night after a intense day at uni.


Now if you choose to sit inside for your choice of menu item you will be surrounded by fun staff, fabulous coffee aromas and funky tunes. One of their walls is signed by all the famous musicians that have visited them. If you sit outside you are protected by a beautiful old tree that hangs over the picnic tables





I recommend everyone goes to visit them. I mean their mantra pretty much explains it all


So does their welcome board


Em xoxo


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