High Tea at the Berkeley

Two weeks ago my oldest friend Jaz was in London to visit her boyfriend which meant that we got to explore some of London together. It was very exciting since we had never been overseas together. Until now


We decided we’d go to Berkeley’s Fashionista Afternoon Tea. Each dessert is in inspired by designer pieces such as Oscar de la Renta, Alexander McQueen & Prada.  


It was a beautiful atmosphere with delicious food and tea which is unlimited. Once you finish one tea you can refill the one you have or pick another one off the delicious list. 


You start of with a plate of sandwiches each and choosing your first tea


Then move on to the delicious set of desserts. We decided we’d split each thing equally so we could both try everything but of course once we’d finished each plate they then refilled each plate so we got double of everything anyway. Lets just say we didn’t walk out of the Berkeley Caramel room, we rolled

Here is Jazzy taking some more professional looking photos than mine


I recommend it to anyone heading to London. The tea with yummy, the food was delicious and the service was wonderful. The waitresses definitely know their stuff. 

If you want some more information just follow this link http://www.the-berkeley.co.uk/fashion-afternoon-tea/

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