Do you remember your first SNOG?

One of my favorite treats in London. SNOG! No only does it have a great name that they do some awesome puns with but what they sell is yummy that I can’t walk past without getting someImage

It’s a frozen yogurt store that has no fat or sugar instead its sweetened with Agave Nectar. You have the choice of 4 yogurt flavors Natural, Cherry, Chocolate & Passion-fruit. Also today to my delight today they had changed the passion-fruit flavor to MANGO yum!


Once you’ve chosen your flavor you then choose your toppings which aren’t quite as healthy as the yogurt it’s self. You can choose up to 3 toppings. Normally I’ll go for one or two fruits and one bad topping like choc chips or Oreo cookies. Today I had strawberries and dark chocolate chips. So delicious. 


Also in winter they do hot toppings. The Apple Crumble one looks so yummy. Can’t wait for December so I can try it. 


Also look how pretty the roof is


So that’s my London recommendation for the day. If your in London find a snog and get some. If I could I’d snog everyday…


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