The V&A Museum



Last Saturday I headed up to The Victoria & Albert museum with a new friend. She is also from Australia but has been here a bit longer than me.

We met up at South Kensington Station and walked over to the museum. We started off by wandering through the Medieval area seeing some beautiful old architecture and art.

 These are some beautiful old plates that represent each month of the year. I took a close up of my month of course

                              IMG_1321[1]                                                         IMG_1322[1]

A beautiful hand painted book


Medieval Tapestry


We also went through the Jewellery Section but I got told off for taking pictures so I don’t have any. It is quite an impressive collection really, ranging all the way from Ancient Egyptian to pieces from 2008.

Once we came out of all the sparkly jewelry section we found my favorite area…Theater & Performance. It seemed very fitting to explore it. So we took our time to look at it all


An original score from Jesus Christ Superstar:


An original promotion package from Chicago:


A Poster from a Cinderella production staring the 7th Doctor Who!


Ticket box sign from the Theatre Royal Drury Lane:


A box from the Palace Theatre of Varieties in 1904:


An amazing painted including over 200 stars of the Edwardian Music Hall in 1902-1903

                         IMG_1347[1]                         IMG_1350[1]


Exhausted after all our exploring it was time to have a quick lunch in the cafe and part ways. We only got through a very small amount of the Museum so I’ll have to head back another day and get some more exploring done.

Em xoxo



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