10 Days to London


Today marks 10 days until I move from my home in Melbourne to London. I am taking one huge step, more like a gigantic leap. I’m moving out of home and to a new country in one go. It’s thrilling and terrifying and every other emotion under the sun. I have been talking about doing this move since I got back from my trip to Europe two years ago but now for some reason I am completely petrified. I am going straight into a catering job that also sets you up with share housing straight away so it’s not like I won’t meet people easily. Then on the 16th September I will start my course so I will meet more people. But for some reason I think I am just scared of being alone. Here I have a whole support system. My parents, my sister, brother and best friend. I talk to my best friend every day. If I ever want to do something I have someone to call or I need to go somewhere I can just jump in my car and go.  It’s a very scary concept and I’m trying to find the excitement I know is there about this trip. There are so many places I want to see, So places I want to live and so many things that I want to do that I just can’t do here. I need to get away and find myself elsewhere. I’m in a box here. My life is boring. I have a dream. This is a step towards that. I know it will be amazing. I think I just need to get out there.  If anyone out there is reading this vent and has experienced anything similar or has any helpful words please leave me a comment

Em xoxo

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