Supanova & Sydney Part III

Sunday dawn bright & clear. Not. It was grey and rainy and our heads were pounding slightly from the night before. Even though we went to bed later, we got up earlier due to the fact that the Weasley Twin panel was on at 12:40 which meant having to get breakfast, get to the show grounds, find a car park and line up early for the panel (hello, Weasley twins, everyone was there) all before 12:40. And it was M’s Birthday so breakfast had to be good. However even though we went for brunch at the same place as the morning before we were rather disappointed. It took them 20 minutes to take our order and almost an hour for our food to come after asking after it several times and when it did they didn’t bring the birthday girls pancakes. After waiting another 10 minutes for her breakfast and no one doing anything I complained for her and they came up a said ‘Oh sorry, they were taken to another table would you like these other type pancakes that are ready now?’ They answer was of course no and they then gave us our original two meals free of charge so we just paid for our hot chocolates. Now I’m glad they did that but there service was not good and the food was alright but I’ve definitely had better. So on first look this place is good but look deeper it ain’t that great. So now of course we are running late and the birthday girl has had no breakfast. This would not do, so we hopped down the block to the nearest Gloria jeans to grab something and to the birthday girls excitement they had…Cheese and Ham Toasties. Her whole face brightened and suddenly the day was good again. Who can blame her Ham and Cheese toasties as delicious.

 After the incident we headed straight over to the show grounds for some more geeky fun and made the embarrassing dash from the car park to The Dome in the rain. Luckily I had my new super fantastic, super TARDIS beanie to keep my head warm and dry. Once inside we made a straight line to the back of the auditorium to get in line for the Weasley/Phelps boys. We were about 5-6 rows back from the small platform so we could see them well and boy are they something to see. They are funny and witty and oh so gorgeous. They are seriously ripped. AND look much better brunette than as a red heads.  I think I like James a bit more than Oliver though since he seems he seems to have a bit more of a bad boy vibe going. Which is of course every girls weakness.


The Weasley Twins

After the Weasley boys it was a quick bathroom and food break then a quick stop at the Supanova tent to purchase our Bradley James autographs and headed back over to line up for the Merlin Knight Panel. We got there nice and early, preferring to sit down and wait for a good position than push our way through stalls again, which turned out to be a good things since we were only 4 rows from the front, smack bang in the middle. Then in they came, Bradley James (King Arthur), Rupert Young (Leon), Eion Macken (Gwain) and Tom Hooper (Percival, the one with the really massive arms…need I say more). They were all lovely and charming. Bradley seemed a bit up tight at points, refusing to answer any silly fan girl questions, where as the others just played along. I was actually surprised with how much I enjoyed listening to the other three guys. They were all lovely and answered everyones questions and when your not constantly looking a Bradley or Colin (Merlin) then they are actually quite attractive. I even got to ask a question during the panel and each of them spoke to me. My inner fan girl/acting girl fainted, just passed out right on the floor for all to see. Luckily she is in my head. I asked the questions ‘What was it like going to drama school in the UK and working in the industry over there, since I am about to move there to pursue it’. Their response was to asked me what school I was going to and where it was. Which lead into a very small conversation which ended with Rupert (such a great name and a very attractive man attached to it) telling me to not worry about the industry while in school and just enjoy the ride. Then since he’d been so lovely I decided to get an autograph from him as well so we could chat a bit more. Then I also met Eion when my friend got his autograph and briefly met Bradley, because it was the end of the day we were pushed through rather quickly.


Arthur & His Knights


and I found the TARDIS!!

But after all this we did a quick final trip through the stalls to see if we missed anything and headed out…into the pouring rain. Thank god the show grounds has a small transfer bus, that looks rather like an old Melbourne tram, that goes from the Auditorium to the car park. Otherwise we would have been 3 very drowned rats.

For dinner that night we went to a place that we’d read about in the Time Out magazine called Nonna Maria’s. The column promised free bread and HOMEMADE LEMONADE with any purchase, no pasta above $14 and Sweet potato gnocchi. We were sold from the moment we read free homemade lemonade and we were not disappointed. The food was delicious, I quite gladly ordered the sweet potato gnocchi with pesto sauce, M had spaghetti carbonara and J had pesto penne. They came out in large serves and these 3 tired hungry girls dug in happily. We were silent except of the occasional yum, or wow that came from each mouth full. This place is certainly authentic Italian cuisine and everyone should try it if your ever in the area for dinner. By the time we were finished our fatigue was taking over so we headed back to the hotel for a good nights rest before the long drive home the next day. It certainly was a great weekend and I’m so happy we decided to go. 



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