Sydney & Supanova: Part 2

Day two was mostly about relaxing and taking our time to enjoy the things we wanted to do. We slept in and headed off to a late brunch in Parramatta. Of course it was raining and freezing so that made walking down Church Street to find a brunch place not so fun. Luckily enough we stumbled upon Coco Cubano. A Espresso, Tapas, Cocktail, Chocolate place. Which also serves ALL DAY BREAKFAST! Score. The only problem with this place is that the have these big windows open that look onto the street but that they keep OPEN, even in the Freezing weather. It was a tad ridiculous and a tad cold but they make their hot chocolates the spanish way. With REAL chocolate, so I shall forgive them. For brunch I had delicious granola with fruit & yogurt which came out in a rather large bowl and looked more like a trifle or sundae than a breakfast food but I ain’t complaining.



From there we headed over to the showground for our first day of SUPANOVA. It truly is amazing. Walking up to the entrance there are lots of people milling around in cosplay. Some are only inspired and some are so incredibly thought out and executed that you actually have to do double take because you think that your favorite character is actually standing next to you. Check out this cosplay from The Forrest Of The Dead – Doctor Who.


Of course from the moment you walk in the door you are surrounded by people and stalls filled with merchandise from every show that you could possibly consider SC-FI and lots of Anime (which isn’t really my thing). Within about 10 minutes I had bought quite a few pieces of Doctor Who merchandise including a sonic screwdriver key-ring, a Tardis beanie and a Keep Calm and Don’t Blink T-shirt. I also found a Superman T-shirt and a I AM SHER-LOCKED Buttons which made me quite happy.



This is a picture of my Geek Chic loot. Apologies for it being side ways but no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t seem to get it to turn. Damn technology

In the afternoon we got to see the The Hobbit panel which included the gorgeous Aidan Turner who plays Kili in the Hobbit and Mitchell in Being Human which I have loved since it’s first season. I mean it’s BBC what do you expect. After that we called it a day and headed back to the hotel to get ready for our night on the town.

We made ourselves all pretty and then headed down to Darling Harbor for the evening. Of course it wasn’t the best evening to be down there since it was raining rather heavily which made me curling my hair pointless since it fell out before we even reached the restaurant. Though it was a very nice restaurant we went to and for the life of me I have no idea what it was called, I can tell you it was Italian had was very,very good. We started of with some cocktails while we waited for our dinner and then dug right it. I went for Spaghetti Bolognese and the girls decided to share a wood-fire pizza which I am told was absolutely wonderful. Then once we were sufficiently stuffed we ordered a dessert to share. Apple & Berry crumble with WHITE CHOCOLATE CUSTARD! That’s right you heard me, White Chocolate Custard. It was truly delicious and I am now searching pinterest for a  recipe to try.

IMG_0941[1] IMG_0942[1]

From there we jumped one store front over to a place called Cargo Bar. It has really nice decor, decently priced drinks and one seriously gorgeous bow-tie wearing bartender. Bow-ties are cool. Though I had to watch from afar since he was too busy to actually talk to him. The only problem with the bar is that the music was not great. It was typical techno music with a mix of top 40. Where as I more like a mix of retro and top 40. Techno is ok but I’d pass if asked. The one redeeming feature of the music was they had a live saxophone player wandering about the place jamming along with the music. How cool is that. I think all bars should do this, it was so much fun.


Much later in the evening…ok it was more like the early hours of the morning 3 tipsy girls stumbled back to the hostel in fits of giggles and crashed. It was a great end to the day. Though it did not make it easy to get up the next morning for more Supanova. I’ll fill you in on our Sunday adventures soon.

Until next time

Em xoxo



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