Sydney & Supanova: Part 1

This past weekend me and my two good friends J and M road tripped up to Sydney for the weekend to visit Supanova. Which is, if you don’t know, a big nerdy convention. We had decided to go specifically for actor Bradley James from BBC Merlin. Then on top of that we also got to see the Dwarfs from the Hobbit, The Weasley twins and a few other gorgeous Knights from Merlin. Over the next few days I’m going to fill you in on the happenings of each day.

We started off on our road trip nice an early, which is not an odd thing to me being that I get up for an early shift at 5:30. As the girls fell asleep in the back of my little blue corolla, Lola, I made my way through the city and watched the sun come up over the Westgate bridge, then headed out of the city onto the freeway for a straight run to SydneyImage

We stopped for Macca’s breakfast at the start of the freeway, Bacon & Egg McMuffins anyone, then continued along to the small town of Beechworth for our midday stop. We had lunch at the famous Beechworth Bakery where we found this sign and visited their old fashioned Lolly store which resulted in us reverting to our childhood and buying nerds, eucalyptus lollies and chocolate covered popcorn. Yum. 



From this point on it was a straight drive up to Sydney with a few stops to change drivers, as after 2 hours or so the eyes tend to get a bit weary. We chatted, read magazines and listened to albums such as the Wicked Soundtrack and Tripod: Fegh Meha


We reached our hotel in Parramatta around 8pm, tired and cramped but happy to have arrived safely. We spent the night in the room, ordered in pizza and watched Pitch Perfect on demand. Not a bad evening if I do say so myself. We crashed early after that and drifted off into peaceful oblivion. Next time I’ll fill you in on our Saturday adventures which included dwarfs, nerdy shopping and a couple cocktails

Until next time xoxo


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